Custom Designed Studio: The Grip IICTD: Carl Tatz Design

The Upper Deck Mix Magazine Class of 2018 – Hottest New Studios Worldwide

Mix Magazine, June 2018

The Upper Deck
(Nashville, Tenn.)

Carl Tatz Design created this personal recording studio within the home of a major league baseball player. This facility includes a Carl Tatz Design PhantomFocus Mixroom and a live tracking room with an 18-foot gabled ceiling. The studio went online this past October. His equipment includes a Tree Audio Roots Gen II console, PFM 2200-UHD monitors, Briscasti M7 stereo reverb processor, Eventide H8000FW multichannel effects system, and a large collection of vintage electric guitars and amps.

A Better View: Electronic House, May 2005

Custom Designed Studio: The Upper Deck

Carl Tatz Design: 6666 Brookmont Terrace, Suite 1109, Nashville, TN 37205, 615.354.6242 /