Custom Designed Studio: The Grip IICTD: Carl Tatz Design

Custom Designed Studio: The Grip II

Custom Designed Studio: The Grotto

Studio Design: The Blue Grotto

Mix Magazine Class of 2011 Award Winner -- South African engineer/producer Sean Spence chose Carl Tatz Design to design his new personal studio in Nashville. The studio features a new generation Dual PhantomFocus System 4 - Near Field/Mains using Dynaudio M3 mains and M1 near fields driven by a pair of Bryston 7B SST mono block amps and a Bryston 4B SST stereo amp respectively. All amplification has been modified to 220 Watts doubling the voltage and increasing the wattage by a third.

Since no windows were possible in the control room, CTD mirrored acoustic lens modules succeeded in widening the room both acoustically and visually. Argosy studio furniture was chosen for its style, ergonomics, and value and was balanced aesthetically with colonial maple custom full view glass doors and trim, bamboo flooring, garden green plush carpet and warm natural fabric to make this Cape Towner feel at home.

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