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PhantomFocus™ System

Utilizing an amalgam of techniques, proprietary protocols, hardware and software, the PhantomFocus System™ is a powerful tool in optimizing monitor systems. Without using any sort of psychoacoustic DSP, it concentrates first on "reach out and touch the vocalist" imaging where pinpoint detail is spread out before the listener in an almost holographic panorama. Secondly, full and accurate frequency response is achieved by incorporating several elements that can include: speaker/listener position calculations; proper speakers stands; damping and isolation devices; subwoofer systems; laser alignment; 360 degree phase control (all- pass filter); crossovers; and corrective equalization. The success of the system will only be limited by the room acoustics evaluation that must precede the process.

PhantomFocus™ Near Field Monitoring System

PhantomFocus System™
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"After hearing a PhantomFocus System™ One -- Near Field using NS10s, I was very impressed and, frankly I didn't expect to be…Awesome!"

Elliot Scheiner - Engineer
(The Eagles, Steely Dan, Foo Fighters)

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